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Family LifeCare provides services in the Indiana counties shown below. Regardless of your location, call us at 800-355-2817 and we will assist you in finding the appropriate community resource for your needs. We have two office locations, but our professionals are located throughout our service territory to best meet your needs.

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We serve individuals in the following counties:


Communities we serve

Your local home care and hospice provider in Decatur offers compassionate care.

Did you know that Family LifeCare’s home care is originally the home care division from Adams Memorial Hospital?  Family Home Care will provide quality of care to encourage independence as soon as possible and to exceed your expectations of satisfaction.  The staff of Family Home Care believe ours is a rich and noble purpose.  Through our skilled nurses, therapy services and home health aides, we change the lives of others.  It is our goal to carry on the long-time goal of positive patient outcomes and satisfaction that was the history of Adams Memorial Hospital’s home health division.

When we meet with an individual who is considering hospice care, one of the first questions asked is “What would you like to do with the time you have left?” While some responses include trips to destinations or possibly reuniting with a family member from the past, others chose comfort. It is the goal of Family LifeCare to meet your desires of care!

Hospice affirms life and regards dying as a normal process. Each recipient of your Adams County area hospice care receives personalized services that focus on the goals of the patient and family involved.

The process of dying is unique to each individual and each individual has a variety of physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs. Due to the uniqueness, the goal of the hospice team is to be sensitive and responsive to the special needs of each individual and family.

Family LifeCare offers hospice, home care, and palliative care services in the following Adams County communities:  Berne, Bobo, Ceylon, Curryville, Decatur, Geneva, Linn Grove, Magley, Monmouth, Monroe, Perryville, Peterson, Pleasant Mills, Preble, and Salem.

Family LifeCare wants to help you accomplish your goals! To learn more, browse around our website, or you can give us a call at 1-800-355-2817.

Family LifeCare provides home care services to Blackford County.  We understand that you have a choice between home care providers and want you to receive the best care.  Before selecting your home care provider, ask the following questions of a potential care provider:

  • Does your agency provide 24/7 response team?
  • Does your agency initiate service within 24 hours of a physician’s orders?
  • Does your agency provide a free assessment prior to starting services?
  • Does your staff receive ongoing training and education?
  • Does your agency conduct criminal background checks on all employees?
  • Does your agency provide coverage if scheduled staff cannot make it to work?
  • Does your agency provide a plan of care for services?
  • Does your agency’s patient care manager make periodic visits to ensure patient goals of care are being met?
  • Does your agency provide documentation explaining the patient’s rights and HIPAA compliance?

Contact Family Home Care at 1-800-355-2817 to learn more about our services.

Hospice care offers supportive services for the patient and their families in Blackford County, Indiana.

Family LifeCare offers:

  • Skilled, compassionate care from trained Nurses and Home Health Aides.
  • Management of pain and other symptoms through the appropriate use of medications and other non-medical interventions.
  • Providing education and training for those persons who will assist in providing patient care in the home.
  • Emotional support and spiritual counseling for the patient and family.
  • Social work/family support services.
  • Physical, occupational, massage and speech therapies.
  • Companionship and respite time provided by dedicated, trained volunteers.
  • Bereavement services are available to families for up to 13 months after Hospice services are no longer needed.
  • Family Hospice wants to provide you and your family support during this difficult time.

Call us at 1-800-355-2817 to learn more about Family LifeCare’s home care, palliative care, and hospice services in Hartford City, Matamoras, Millgrove, Montpelier, Roll, Shamrock Lakes, and Trenton.

Family Home Care, a division of Family LifeCare, provides home care services to anyone recuperating from a recent surgery or illness, and needing education on disease self-management (e.g. heart failure, diabetes, stroke, or injury).

You and your loved one will be cared for by a professional, compassionate team encompassing of nurses, therapists, aides and social workers.  Your team partners with your doctor to assist you in meeting your individual goals.

Family LifeCare, your local hospice provider in Marion, Indiana, provides hope.

How will you know when it is time for hospice care? While the term hospice may frighten you, Family Hospice encourages you to ask for help sooner than later by calling 800-355-2817 to learn more about our services. Too often families inform us they wish they would have inquired about hospice services sooner for their loved one. Family Hospice will answer your questions and help you find the right care at the right time.

Hospice care focuses on bringing comfort, dignity, and peace to people in their final journey of life. Family LifeCare believes that end of life is not a medical experience; it is a human experience that benefits from expert medical and holistic support. Hospice care also involves assistance for patients’ families to help them cope with what is happening and provide care and support. Hospice care can be provided in the home, hospital, assisted living or nursing facility – wherever the patient calls home.

Family LifeCare’s services aren’t just for those who are terminally ill. We offer palliative care, support for caregivers, grief support and home care for those living with chronic conditions or recovering from surgery or injuries.  Our services are for all ages – newborns through adults – living in Fairmount, Fowlerton, Gas City, Jonesboro, Marion, Matthews, Swayzee, Sweetser, Upland and Van Buren.

Home care is an integral part of the current system of healthcare delivery.  The goal of home care is to rehabilitate the patient to their best potential.  Goals are set with the collaboration of the patient, Attending Physician and the Home Care Team.  Services are based on the needs of the each patient and decreases as the patient progresses.

It is our goal to help guide you when is it time for home care:

  • Has there been a recent medical crisis?
  • Has there been recent, unintended weight loss?
  • Have there been recent falls?
  • Does your loved one need help walking?
  • Is your loved one less able to bathe or not at all?
  • Is clothing being changed dialing?
  • Has your ability to attend social activities diminished?
  • Is your loved one becoming more forgetful?
  • Are pills left over or running out too soon?
  • Are there signs of burnt pans on the stove, scorch marks on pot holders or dish towels?
  • Is your loved one able to do errands alone?

Home Health in Huntington, IN can assist you in determining if home care help you regain independence in your home.

Hospice in Huntington, IN can assist those individuals facing a Life-Limiting Illness. A life-limiting illness can be exhausting – physically, emotionally and spiritually. When a patient has decided to decline aggressive treatment and desires comfort instead of curative treatment, Family Hospice encourages you to call them. Family Hospice wishes to meet with you to discuss the goals of your care. We want to partner with you to ensure the goals you have identified in the time you have left are accomplished.

Hospice services are provided by a team of professionals which includes the patient’s own physician, Hospice Medical director, nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, therapists, and trained volunteers.

Hospice is available to the patient and family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to residents of Andrews, Banquo, Bippus, Goblesville, Huntington, Lancaster, Majenica, Markle, Monument City, Mount Etna, Plum Tree, Roanoke, Simpson and Warren.

Jay County Home Care is provided by Family Home Care, a division of Family LifeCare.  An array of home health services are provided, such as:

  • Assistance with Personal Care
    • Bathing
    • Oral hygiene
    • Nail an skin care
    • Makeup
    • Shaving
    • Toileting
  • Homemaker Services
    • Light meal preparation
    • Light housekeeping
  • Skilled Nursing
    • Disease education and management
    • Wound care
  • Infusing Therapy/IVs
    • Medication/chemo
    • Nutrition
  • Rehabilitative Therapies
    • Physical
    • Occupational
    • Speech
  • Connecting You with Community Resources

Family Home Care strives to best meet the needs of each patient and to provide quality care.  Contact Family Home Care at 1-800-355-2817 to learn more how Family Home Care can help you or your loved one.

Hospice care in Portland, Indiana helps you face the challenges of a Life-Limiting Illness.

Family Hospice understands the challenges you may be facing when diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. As a Jay County patient, Family Hospice will listen to your concerns and preferences to ensure the goals of your care are met. Hospice care is available to you regardless of age or diagnosis.

Family Hospice is available to you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide support and care to help you live life to the fullest comfortably. Your situation may have you feeling overwhelmed, but our goal is to help ease these feelings focusing on your care.

Hospice provider in Portland, Indiana dismisses myths about hospice care.

Myth#1 – Hospice care is only for people with the diagnosis of cancer.

Fact: Hospice care is for all patients facing a terminal illness despite their diagnosis.

Myth #2 – Accepting hospice services means giving up. You should wait until the last moment to contact hospice.

Fact: Hospice is all about living life to the fullest. Family Hospice partners with you to help you accomplish your goals of care.  The earlier you can start hospice the better so that you can be comfortable.

Myth #3 – Hospice care is too expensive.

Fact: Family Hospice takes care of terminally ill patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Myth #4 – Once I start hospice, I will need to give up my family physician.

Fact: Hospice wants you to keep your family physician.  We work closely with your physician to provide the best care for you.  Serving the communities of:  Albany, Antiville, Balbec, Bellfountaine, Bluff Point, Boundary City, Bryant, Collett, Como, Dunkirk, Fiat, New Mount Pleasant, Pennville, Poling, Portland, Powers, Redkey and Salamonia.

Home Care in Wabash, Indiana is provided by Family Home Care, a division of Family LifeCare.  To begin home health services, you will need a referral for home health services.  The home care staff will talk to your doctor about your care and keep your doctor updated about your progress.  It is important that the home care staff do the following:

  • Check what you are eating and drinking
  • Check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing
  • Check that you are taking your prescription and other drugs and any treatments correctly
  • Ask if you are having pain
  • Check your safety in the home
  • Teach you about your care so you can take care of yourself
  • Coordinate your care. This means they must communicate regularly with you, your doctor and anyone else who gives you care.

Let Family Home Care show the difference in providing quality, compassionate service.  Call 1-800-355-2817.

Hospice Care isn’t just for cancer patients in Wabash, Indiana.

True or False? Hospice care is only for cancer patients.

False. Hospice care serves individuals with a number of diagnoses which may include Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Chronic Lung Disease, Liver Disease, Renal Disease, Stroke or other conditions. If you or a loved one has had a significant decline in health, consider calling Family LifeCare to determine if hospice care may be the right choice for you. You may want to discuss this health care option with your physician.

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Have you exhausted all treatment options for your illness? You may want to consider hospice care and how it can support you and your loved ones. Hospice care is provided by a team of health care professionals who focus on providing comfort and compassionate care for individuals facing a terminal illness by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. The goal of hospice care is to provide the highest quality of life possible for whatever time remains.

For more information on home care, palliative, care or hospice, call us.  Family LifeCare wants to help you if you live in or near LaFontaine, Lagro, Liberty Mills, Lincolnville, Mount Vernon, Richvalley, Roann, Speicherville, Urbana, and Wabash.

Wells County Home Care is provided by Family Home Care, a division of Family LifeCare.  Rehabilitation is an integral part of healthcare and a tremendous component in providing patients with positive outcomes.  Most Americans will require at least one rehabilitation service at some point in their lives.  Almost one-third of Family Home Care’s patients are receiving therapy services.  Rehabilitation in home care often centers on an interdisciplinary team approach that may include physical, occupational and speech therapy. Rehabilitation is individualized so every patient can progress at his or her own ability level.  Rehabilitation can lengthen life and reduce subsequent illness.

To learn more about Family Home Care and its rehabilitation services, call 1-800-355-2817.

Hospice care brings comfort to individuals and their families of Bluffton, Indiana. We focus on providing comfort for those with a terminal illness. The hospice team speaks with the patient and family to ensure their goals of care are met. The following testimony provided by one of our Indiana families communicates the type of care you and your family will receive with Family Hospice:

“The nurses truly knew my father well. They loved to make him laugh, which he loved! They were so gracious & loving to him, my mother & our family. We felt we could ask them any question about his care. They were very caring, loving, respectful & kind. They always tried to meet our family’s wishes and requests. And if a doctor was needed in the decision, I was promptly told what the decision was. Thank you for the information we received before dad’s death, “What to Expect – The Signs of Death”. My family truly appreciated this. I had seen the information when my husband’s father passed. Thank you for this service. Thank your staff for your words of comfort, listening ears and hugs.”

Hospice care provides medical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support for the patient and family. Patients are eligible for hospice care when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with an estimated prognosis of 6 months or less. Hospice should be called at any time the patient has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness to begin the discussion of care the patient desires, whether that care includes hospice or not.

Do you live in or near Bluffton, Craigville, Curryville, Dillman, Domestic, Keystone, Kingsland, Liberty Center, Markle, McNatt, Mount Zion, Murray, Ossian, Petroleum, Phenix, Poneto, Reiffsburg, Rockford, Tocsin, Travisville, Uniondale, Vera Cruz, Wellsburg, and Zanesville?  Then Family LifeCare is here for you!