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Grilling basket with grilling items:

Super Glove™ with Silicone Dots in Charcoal – added protection while handling warm dishes straight from the oven with the Super Glove. The glove’s exterior is made from fire resistant fibers that won’t melt or catch fire, making it safer for you to handle hot entrees. Can be worn on both hands.

Kitchensmart® Solid Apron in Red – oversized and pre-shrunk, it features a handy double pocket and is stain resistant.

OXO® Good Grips 2 piece Grilling Set (tongs and turner)

Just Grillin’® Deep Cleaning Dual Wire Brush and Stainless Steel Fusion Topper

26″ x 21.5″ striped dish towel

Taste of Home “Grill & Chill” magazine

Spices include:

  • Hot Rocks Garlic & Onion – Use these spicy chili salts in place of regular table salt to add flavor and fire to your favorite dishes. Perfect with salads, vegetables, and meats. Comes with self-grinder 3.2 oz.
  • Moroccan Harissa – Sea salt combined with chili, garlic, caraway seeds, cumin, and more. Versatile flavor for homemade dishes 1.7 oz.
  • Grill Seasoning – Cape Herb and Spice blend 2.8 oz.

Donated by Marie Wiebe

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