I am caring for someone

family-hospice-caring-for-somoneIf you are caring for someone recovering from an injury that wants to get better at home, or a loved one is facing a challenging illness, we’re here to help the entire family. We’ll provide you with the best care available while empowering you and your family with options, knowledge and support.

When someone you love has a serious illness, you want to do what you can to ensure your loved one receives the best care. Family LifeCare’s mission is to help our patients live life to its fullest. And support their family caregivers so they feel empowered, supported and confident. To help you understand care options for your loved one and how we can support you and your family, we have provided helpful information on this page and in our Caregiver Resources section, located in the sidebar at right. Here you can learn more about our care, find answers to your caregiving questions and insights on how to help you through this journey.

If you would like to speak to someone personally about your situation or get information about Family LifeCare’s support services, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-355-2817.

Caregiver Resources (PDF)

Spirituality and Dementia (PDF)

When an advanced illness touches someone you love, it’s not easy to know where to turn for help or what the best options might be for both them and your family.

You may have had a conversation about options for care with your loved one’s physician, or heard about hospice or home health from a friend. As you consider the type of care that is right for your loved one, it will help to understand how Family Life Care can support the many needs of your loved one and what support we can offer you and the rest of your family.

At Family Life Care, we believe it is about focusing on life, rather than the disease. It is about what life can still be for your loved one. We offer hope – hope for comfort, for peace, for living every available moment.

Our nurses are uniquely trained in pain control and symptom management. One of our goals is to control your loved one’s pain and free them from distressing symptoms. This will help them to continue to embrace the very experiences that bring them meaning and joy for as long as possible.

Our services also will help keep your loved one at home where they can be surrounded by family, friends and the things they have grown to cherish. But our care is not focused on a place. Our care is available wherever you and your loved one wishes: at home, in an assisted living or even a nursing home.

We look for the uniqueness in each individual and shape our care to honor and support what really matters, so we begin with four simple words: What do you want? We’ll encourage you and your loved ones to think and talk as a family about personal choices on how to live. We’ll completely tailor our care to support those goals and wishes.

Imagine a team of people dedicated to providing the best care possible while ensuring no one in the family feels completely overwhelmed or like they are facing this struggle alone.

We know that the advanced illness your loved one is facing also affects you. In fact, every one in your family will in one way or another be touched by what your loved one is experiencing. But one of the many benefits of our care is that no one will face this journey alone. Just as we are there to help care for your loved one, we will be there for you and your entire family.

There will be many struggles you will face as you begin caring for your loved one. Some will be emotional, some will be physical and at times you will feel overwhelmed.

As you enter this profound and meaningful journey, know that you are entering with us by your side. Our experienced team will help ensure you feel comfortable in your caregiving role by teaching you how to handle every aspect of providing care. We’ll prepare you for what to expect as your loved one’s health changes and provide support to make your role easier. We’ll empower you with knowledge, information, support and resources. We’ll enhance your efforts with an entire team of compassionate individuals focused on helping your loved one live life more fully.

If you have questions, we’ll make it easy to get answers or to talk to someone about your needs and concerns. We’re here, ready to give you more information about the benefits of our care, offer choices and options, or help you begin care. Anyone can ask for hospice care.

Call us today at call us at 800-355-2817 to begin a conversation.