Family Infusion Therapy

Infusion TherapyDue to the advanced symptom management needs of some of our hospice patients, Family Hospice has been performing in-home blood transfusions, IV’s and subcutaneous infusions for pain and symptom management. Not only does this route of medication delivery enhance symptom management (quicker delivery into the bloodstream, more consistent medication level delivery, etc.), it is provided in the comfort of the patient’s home.

No longer will you need to go into the hospital for these outpatient services when they can be brought to you by a skilled, compassionate team of nurses and performed in the comfort of your own “home”, which may include home settings, assisted living facilities and nursing facilities.

Family Infusion Therapy will perform the following:

Blood TransfusionsAntibiotics
TPN5FU Chemo Infusions
Osteoporosis InfusionsArthritic Infusions
Cardiac InfusionsPain Infusions

Family Infusion Therapy (PDF)