Children’s Grief Support

Wings-of-Hope-RitaRita Redbird uses her voice to provide comfort to Casey by singing to him. Rita Redbird represents our children’s grief support program in that we encourage children to use their voice to make their grief known and to support each other as they heal.

We each grieve when we lose a loved one, even as a child. As Alan Wolfelt, renowned grief specialist, has stated, “if you are old enough to love, you are old enough to mourn and to grieve.” In a society that finds it difficult sometimes to deal with and talk about death, it may be particularly hard to recognize a child’s suffering. The children’s grief support program, Wings of Hope, is an important part of the free support services Family LifeCare offers in the communities we serve.

Children may experience grief during various life events, including divorce, loss of pet, change of home, compromised mobility due to illness, or the loss of a loved one. Children of different ages respond differently to loss. Pain accompanies each of these changes … how can healing be facilitated? This is the challenge to which Wings of Hope is responding.

family-lifecare-childrens-grief-supportWe help the children through:

We help the parents through:

  • Understanding the impact of loss on their child
  • Identifying the child’s behaviors potentially related to grief
  • Responding to certain behaviors
  • Supporting their child through cycles of grief

We help the community through:

  • Classroom education for children of all ages
  • Educational programs for teachers and counselors
  • Community awareness programs

Children Grieve Too (PDF)

Talking to a child about death (PDF)

Annual Children’s Day Camp 2019 (PDF)

The grief support services provided by Family LifeCare are complimentary to anyone in the community who may be struggling with a loss. To help your child, call 800-355-2817.