Caregiver Tips

Caring for someone who is ill can take a lot of time and energy. For people who work or have other family obligations, caregiving can be very challenging. Our staff is available to support, encourage and teach the caregiver. The following tips can help the caregiver to find balance:

  • Remember, you can’t do it all. Enlist the support and help of other family members. Start with a family meeting.
  • Seek help outside the family: friends, church members, paid help.
  • Set priorities. Learn to let go of less import demands.
  • Take care of yourself so you can provide better care for another person. Rest as much as you can. Eat well.
  • Keep your sense of humor. Try to find humor in difficult situations.
  • Use a volunteer or friend to get time away from responsibilities a few hours each week.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to one of our health care professionals.
  • Talk with other caregivers. Join a support group.

Family LifeCare wants to be your support. To provide you with additional resources, please contact us at 800-355-2817 and ask for the Community Resource Center.